Rudra’s Educab is formerly Rudra’s Pharma Lores which was an educational site for pharmacy students, which is also useful for medical, nursing & dental students for certain subjects and for other students to find out Government Jobs. It was first started as Rudras pharmacology in the year 2017 as a blog, which includes only pharmacology subject, later new website was created that is Rudras Pharma Lores finally it is transformed to Rudra’s Educab to provide information of different subjects for pharmacy students and other students also.

Rudra’s is the “brand name” and EduCab is “a vehicle of knowledge”.

Rudra’s Educab is an exclusive site for Government job notifications, General Knowledge and it is a site for learning pharmacology drug classifications, pharmacology capsules (MCQs) and other subjects like pharmacognosy, hospital pharmacy etc.

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