APPSC Pharmacist 2021 Syllabus

Expected Syllabus for Pharmacist Exam Expected Syllabus for APPSC Pharmacist 2021 based on previously conducted Pharmacist Exams in the State The Exam will be compulsorily conducted for all the permanent/regular posts. But the exam may not be conducted for outsourcing and outsourcing posts. There will be two parts for the pharmacist, if conducted. Those are […]

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Record Writers in Bangalore

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VACCINES   1. Bacterial vaccines     a. Killed (Inactivated)                 Typhoid-paratyphoid (TAB)                 Vi Typhoid polysaccharide (BCG)                 Cholera                 Whooping cough (Pertussis)                 Meningococcal                 Haemophilus influenzae  type B                 Plague       b. Live attenuated                 Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG)                 Typhoid-Ty 21a (Oral)   2. Viral vaccines     a. Killed (Inactivated)                 Poliomyelitis inactivated (IPV, Salk)                 Rabies (Neural tissue) […]

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