Drugs Affecting Blood MCQs


1. The percentage of elemental iron in hydrated ferrous sulfate is:

A. 5%

B. 10%

C. 20%

D. 33%

ANSWER: [  C  ]


2. Select the oral iron preparation which does not impart metallic taste and has good oral tolerability despite high iron content but whose efficacy in treating iron deficiency anaemia has been questioned:

A. Iron hydroxy polymaltose

B. Ferrous succinate

C. Ferrous fumarate

D. Ferrous gluconate

ANSWER: [  A  ]


3. The daily dose of elemental iron for maximal haemopoietic response in an anaemic adult is:

A. 30 mg

B. 100 mg

C. 200 mg

D. 500 mg

ANSWER: [  C  ]


4. The side effect which primarily limits acceptability of oral iron therapy is:

A. Epigastric pain and bowel upset

B. Black stools

C. Staining of teeth

D. Metallic taste

ANSWER: [  A  ]


5. Choose the correct statement about severity of side effects to oral iron medication:

A. Ferrous salts are better tolerated than ferric salts

B. Complex organic salts of iron are better tolerated than inorganic salts

C. Liquid preparations of iron are better tolerated than tablets

D. Tolerability depends on the quantity of elemental iron in the medication

ANSWER: [  D  ]


6. Absorption of oral iron preparations can be facilitated by coadministering:

A. Antacids

B. Tetracyclines

C. Phosphates

D. Ascorbic acid

ANSWER: [  D  ]


7. The gut controls the entry of ingested iron in the body by:

A. Regulating the availability of apoferritin which acts as the carrier of iron across the mucosal cell

B. Regulating the turnover of apoferritin-ferritin interconversion in the mucosal cell

C. Complexing excess iron to form ferritin which remains stored in the mucosal cell and is shed off

D. Regulating the number of transferrin receptors on the mucosal cell

ANSWER: [  C  ]


8. In the iron deficient state, transferrin receptors increase in number on the:

A. Intestinal mucosal cells

B. Erythropoietic cells

C. Reticuloendothelial cells

D. All of the above

ANSWER: [  B  ]


Drugs Affecting Blood MCQs
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