Gastrointestinal Drugs MCQs

1. Histamine H2 blockers attenuate the gastric secretory response to acetylcholine and pentagastrin as well because:

A. H2 blockers block gastric mucosal cholinergic and gastrin receptors as well

B. H2 blockers inhibit the proton pump in gastric mucosa

C. Acetylcholine and gastrin act partly by releasing histamine in gastric mucosa

D. Histamine, acetylcholine and gastrin all act through the phospholipase C-IP3:DAG pathway in gastric mucosa

ANSWER: [  C   ]

2. For healing duodenal ulcer the usual duration of H2 blocker therapy is:

A. 4 weeks

B. 6 weeks

C. 8 weeks

D. 12 weeks

ANSWER: [  C   ]

3. What is true of acid control therapy with H2 blockers:

A. It generally heals duodenal ulcers faster than gastric ulcers

B. It checks bleeding in case of bleeding peptic ulcer

C. It prevents gastroesophageal reflux

D. Both ‘A’ and ‘B’ are correct

ANSWER: [  A   ]

4. In the intact animal H2  receptor antagonists potentiate the following action of histamine:

A. Cardiac stimulation

B. Fall in blood pressure

C. Uterine relaxation

D. Bronchospasm

ANSWER: [  D   ]

5. Gynaecomastia can occur as a side effect of:

A. Bromocriptine

B. Cimetidine

C. Famotidine

D. Levodopa

ANSWER: [  B   ]

6. Which histamine H2 blocker has most marked inhibitory effect on microsomal cytochrome P-450 enzyme:

A. Cimetidine

B. Ranitidine

C. Roxatidine

D. Famotidine

ANSWER: [  A   ]

7. Choose the correct statement about H2 receptor blockers:

A. They are the most efficacious drugs in inhibiting gastric acid secretion

B. They cause fastest healing of duodenal ulcers

C. They prevent stress ulcers in the stomach

D. They afford most prompt relief of ulcer pain

ANSWER: [  C   ]

8. Ranitidine differs from cimetidine in the following respect:

A. It is less potent

B. It is shorter acting

C. It does not have antiandrogenic action

D. It produces more CNS side effects

ANSWER: [  C   ]

9. Compared to H2 blockers, omeprazole affords the following:

A. Faster relief of ulcer pain

B. Faster healing of duodenal ulcer

C. Higher efficacy in healing reflux esophagitis

D. All of the above

ANSWER: [  D   ]

10. Choose the drug which blocks basal as well as stimulated gastric acid secretion without affecting cholinergic, histaminergic or gastrin receptors:

A. Famotidine

B. Loxatidine

C. Omeprazole

D. Pirenzepine

ANSWER: [  C   ]

11. Omeprazole exerts practically no other action except inhibition of gastric acid secretion because:

A. It transforms into the active cationic forms only in the acidic pH of the gastric juice

B. Its active forms have selective affinity for the H+K+ATPase located in the apical canaliculi of gastric parietal cells

C. Its cationic forms are unable to diffuse out from the gastric parietal cell  canaliculi

D. All of the above

ANSWER: [  C   ]

Gastrointestinal Drugs MCQs
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