Hormones and Related Drugs MCQs

1. Gonadotropins are indicated in the following conditions except

A. Hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism in males

B. Cryptorchism in a boy less than 7 years old

C. Amenorrhoea and infertility in women

D. Polycystic ovaries

ANSWER:  [  d  ]

2. The hypothalamic gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) is

A. A single peptide

B. A mixture of two distinct peptides FSH-RH and LH-RH

C. A mixture of several peptides

D. Dopamine

ANSWER:  [  a  ]

3. Menotropins is a preparation of

A. FSH + LH obtained from urine of menstruating women

B. LH obtained from urine of pregnant women

C. FSH + LH obtained from urine of menopausal women

D. LH obtained from serum of pregnant mare

ANSWER:  [  c  ]

4. Gynaecomastia can be treated with

A. Chlorpromazine

B. Cimetidine

C. Bromocriptine

D. Metoclopramide

ANSWER:  [  c  ]

5. The most prominent action of bromocriptine is

A. Dopamine D2 agonism

B. Dopamine D2 antagonism

C. Dopamine D1 antagonism

D. α adrenergic antagonism

ANSWER:  [  a  ]

6. Bromocriptine causes the following

A. Prolactin release

B. Vomiting

C. Uterine contraction

D. Impotence

ANSWER:  [  b  ]

7. Hyperprolactinemia can cause the following except

A. Amenorrhoea

B. Gynaecomastia

C. Multiple ovulation

D. Depressed fertility

ANSWER:  [  c  ]

8. For therapeutic use, growth hormone is obtained from

A. Recombinant DNA technique

B. Human cadaver pituitaries

C. Porcine pituitaries

D. Chemical synthesis

ANSWER:  [  a  ]

9. Drugs that suppress growth hormone release in acromegaly include the following except

A. Bromocriptine

B. Somatostatin

C. Octreotide

D. Nafarelin

ANSWER:  [  d  ]

10. Indications of somatostatin include

A. Macroprolactinoma

B. Zollinger Ellison syndrome

C. Bleeding esophageal varices

D. Steatorrhoea

ANSWER:  [  c  ]

11. Somatostatin inhibits the release of

A. Growth hormone

B. Insulin

C. Thyrotropin

D. All of the above

ANSWER:  [  d  ]

12. Octreotide is a long acting synthetic analogue of

A. Prolactin

B. Growth hormone

C. Somatostatin

D. Gonadotropin releasing hormone

ANSWER:  [  c  ]

13. Several actions of growth hormone are exerted through the elaboration of

A. Cyclic AMP

B. Cyclic GMP

C. Somatostatin

D. Insulin like growth factor-1

ANSWER:  [  d  ]

14. The following hypothalamic regulatory hormone is not a peptide

A. Growth hormone release inhibitory hormone

B. Prolactin release inhibitory hormone

C. Gonadotropin releasing hormone

D. Corticotropin releasing hormone

ANSWER:  [  b  ]

15. Which hormone acts through a cytoplasmic receptor

A. Calcitriol

B. Prolactin

C. Vasopressin

D. None of the above

ANSWER:  [  a  ]

16. Actions of growth hormone include the following except

A. Increased protein synthesis

B. Increased fat utilization

C. Increased carbohydrate utilization

D. Glucose intolerance

ANSWER:  [  c  ]

Hormones and Related Drugs MCQs
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