How to get first aid certificate


First aid is the first assistance or treatment given to a casualty or a sick person for any injury or sudden illness before the arrival of an ambulance, the arrival of a qualified paramedical or medical person or before arriving at a facility that can provide professional medical care.


The aims of first aid are:
• to preserve life,
• to prevent the worsening of one’s medical condition,
• to promote recovery, and
• to help to ensure safe transportation to the nearest healthcare facility.

Guiding principles
The key guiding principles and purpose of first aid, is often given in the mnemonic “3 Ps”.
These three points govern all the actions undertaken by a first aider.
• Prevent further injury
• Preserve life
• Promote recovery

How to get First Aid certificate?

1. Go to the nearest Red cross society or Rotary blood bank

2. Enquire for the “First Aid” course that is to be conducted in the near future. Mainly ask for St. John Ambulance Course of First Aid, which has national identity.

3. Ask for the fee. if any?

3. Pay the enrollment fee, if needed, in that institution.

4. Submit the required documents & Passport size photograph,  if needed.

5. Enroll for any short term course for job purpose.

6. Attend for the FIRST AID course in the given date.

7. Receive the certificate

How to get first aid certificate
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